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The website dedicated to helping you get stronger, gain muscle, and mange your weight

Personal Training

Whether you want in-person training, online training, or a training program, you will find exactly what you want here at JP Fitness Pro. All of my services are backed by the latest exercise science research, ensuring you see the results you are looking for. 

Personal Training

I train out of Self Made Training Facility in Redlands, California. If you are in the area, contact me for a free consultation!

Online Training

Lifestyle doesn't let you do in-person training? Online training solves that problem!

Training Programs

From beginner to advanced, I offer training programs focused on muscular hypertrophy and powerlifting.


"Exercise is a science. If you respect it,you will reach your goals."

— JP

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About Me

Julian Powers (known as JP) is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Council on Strength and Fitness. Through his YouTube channel and multiple social media profiles, JP aims to help as many people as he can achieve their health and fitness goals. JP has ambitions to earn a Phd in Exercise Science and to reach many other goals.