The Life of a Personal Trainer #2: The Ups & Downs


So last time we talked, I gave you my whole life story regarding fitness and how I went from California, to Kansas, back to California. If you haven’t already, I definitely recommend checking that out (or you may be a bit confused as to whats happening). In the second post of my blog, I go over the immediate ups and downs I have felt from this ruthless, saturated industry.

Robots Are Everywhere

Funny title, isn’t it? It’s very relate-able though; with personal training, comes numbers. You have to have a lot of numbers, whether that’s all in one place or in five different places. By that I mean in content, posts, presence, etc.- you name it, you need numbers. For example, if you pick one social media platform and hardly post, you won’t get anywhere with it. If you pick one and post very, very often, interact with people, make those posts high quality, then you will get great feedback. You can also have more than one platform to post content from, advertise, and just assert your presence, which is the route that I took. But I quickly realized that many of the interactions that would follow my posts, videos, and all other content were not authentic. I had one guy email me about training both his daughters. I’m not going to front either, I got pretty excited because I had just started and it looked like I was already going to have a handful of clients. After exchanging a few emails with him, I quickly realized it was a scam. He wanted me to charge him an extra thousand dollars, and then pay a “bus” driver to have his daughters dropped off at my gym. After talking to a few of the other trainers at my gym, they said that those situations happen all the time. Apparently the guy was going to pay my fees, have me give the “bus driver” some money, then cancel his payment so I would be down a thousand dollars. Good thing I blocked him after it started to sound too good to be true.

It wasn’t just that though- there is a lot more. I was going to try the app called Thumbtack, but it had so many user reviews claiming that there were fake accounts getting trainers to be charged money. How Thumbtack works is people can offer their services on there, but when you get a lead, you have to pay to talk to them. Shit business model, right? But on top of that were these fake account claims. I’ve also had poor success with the Letgo app, with people responding first, me replying, and then them ghosting me after that, which makes me think that these accounts might be fake as well. Social media isn’t much better, with so many bot accounts on Instagram its infuriating. I immediately want to talk shit to spam accounts who post some generic ass comment on my picture, clearly using a bot to reply, but I just remind myself it’s a waste of time. It’s hard to wash this unauthentic, robot feeling from my mouth; who the hell is real here? Not really sure, but I guess it’s something I just have to deal with in such a saturated industry.

Looking on the Bright Side

I guess its not so much looking on the bright side, versus there actually being good things that happened. The clients I have had have been great; training is my passion and I love it. The time I have trained people has been the best time by far. Still pumping out YouTube videos in an amazing gym, surrounded by people who are willing to support me every step of the way. Even though I haven’t had the most amazing success with getting clients on my own, I have still gotten some authentic leads, which is a start. Craigslist has been helpful, I just started my own Groupon merchant account (lets see how that goes), and I have had my ad in a pretty big paper for one week now. I’m going to give the paper ad about a month before I make any judgements, as I know those things take time. Here soon I’m going to sponsor a YouTuber named Vegan Gains (you may have heard of him). He has a pretty big channel filled with good content, and his videos are the reason I went vegan in the first place. I expect great things from that, as most of his viewers like fitness and many of them are vegan as well. With my regular content still pumping out, my ads and me sponsoring Vegan Gains, and me still putting in the work that I do, I have a positive outlook on the future. Sometimes I just have to remind myself to be patient, as moves I make now my not affect me until later.

On and On and Beyond

“I’ve tried and failed at more things than I can count, but it built me to who I am and what I do today”

Yes, that title is what you think it’s from. R.I.P to a legend. It also states how I feel about my career right now. Despite the ups and downs, I’m here to stay. I’m tired of switching locations, business practices, and angles I’ve taken in fitness. I originally wanted to be a physical therapist with a focus on strength and conditioning, hypertrophy, and strength gains, inspired by the likes of Quinn Henoch and Jeff Cavaliere. Then I realized that even though physical therapy is interesting, it isn’t focused on the things that interest me most. I’ve tried and failed at more things than I can count, but it built me to who I am and what I do today. I’m sick of starting over, I want to build. All I can do from here is stay positive, work very hard, make smart decisions, take small risks, and execute. I will let you guys know how all my business ventures pan out in the next blog post, thanks for following!

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